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Frequently Asked Questions

I received a ticket in my commercial vehicle.  Can you help me fight it and keep the points off my record?

Absolutely yes!  We handle over 2,000 cases a day throughout the US and Canada; this is what we do.  As most traffic tickets issued to CDL holders are not fair to begin with, not fighting them will put a lot of economic burden on you.  As a CDL driver, you are a victim of double standards; traffic laws and federal laws.  From paying increased insurance rates to losing your job, just a couple of tickets can mean great financial hardship for you in the future.  Fortunately, our TVC legal plan provides the invaluable support you need to keep points off your driving record by pleading not guilty.  Let us provide you the help of a top CDL trial defense lawyer, someone who is will versed with commercial and traffic laws and committed to fighting for your rights.

Our legal representation gives you a 9 out of 10 chance to get the ticket dismissed or at least reduced.  This is how we help take points off your CDL by getting your voice in the court.

What can I do to keep points off my driving record (MVR)?

Plead NOT GUILTY!  You can exercise your rights by asking for your day in court.  Paying the ticket without an attorney is an admission of guilt and a sure way to get the points on your CDL.  Asking for your day in court is your best bet for keeping points off your driving record.  Remember that our experienced trial defense lawyers with knowledge of commercial laws are always ready to go to court so you won't have to appear yourself.  

Can you protect my driving record regardless of which state or province I work in?

Absolutely!  We guarantee legal representation in all jurisdictions, in any state or province.  

Always remember that as a professional driver you have rights.  To begin with, no ticket issued to a CDL holder is a fair ticket.  If you don't have proper representation, the harsh laws governing your Commercial driver's license will make it next to impossible to keep points off your record.

This is why our trial defense lawyers who are well-versed with commercial law are always ready to go to court for you whenever you need the invaluable representation.

Is this program real?  Does this CDL Protection really work?

Yes!  This is as real as it gets.  The CDL legal protection we offer you is adminstered by the nation's third largest motor club which has been helping millions of drivers since 1926.  We are governed by the Secretary of State in some of the states that require it.  Combining this amazing support with our commitment to helping truckers across North america, our legal department handles around 2,000 legal cases a day.  We wouldn't be in business, for as long and successfully as we have been, if we didn't do what we say we are going to do.

With our TVC legal Plan helping you pay the legal bill, money should not keep you from fighting your traffic violations.  

I received a ticket for improper lane change while driving my personal vehicle.  Do I need to fight it?  What are my options?

Yes, you definitely need to fight the ticket.  It doesn't matter if you were driving a personal vehicle; the system will still be as biased against you as if you were driving a commercial vehicle.  As always, you can plead guilty or not guilty.  If you don't fight the ticket and pay the fine or if you don't make arrangements before the due date, you would be pleading guilty.  In any case, it is important that you take immediate action.

We highly recommend that you plead NOT GUILTY and do everything you can to keep points off your driving record.  Pleading guilty to a CDL traffic ticket is like admitting to committing a crime, as a result of which you will have to pay the fine and accept the harsh punishment.  Furthermore, you will also get points on your driving record that can cause you financial distress later on.

If I choose to fight a traffic ticket will I have to go to court?

No.  In most cases an assigned truck defense attorney will take care of all the in-court negotiations on your behalf.  To enable the truck defense attorney to do that, you will have to give him a signed power of attorney which will legally give him the permission and right to negotiate without you having to be present in the court yourself.

In very rare cases, the judge can request your presence in court.  If that is the case, we will notify you about your mandatory court appearance when you open the case and give our legal department the court address, ticket details and before you pay any pre-existing fees.


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