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The #1 Pre-Paid Legal Service for Truckers across the USA and Canada! – We Win 9 out of 10 cases. Call 800-791-8385 Today!
Welcome to TVC ProDriver - Truckers Voice in Court Attorneys

Welcome to TVC ProDriver - Truckers Voice in Court Attorneys

Your Best Line of Defense

TVC - Truckers Voice in Court is your Top CDL Traffic ticket defense connection online.  Here you can get access to the best legal representation a truck driver and CDL holder can expect.  You can get it anywhere in the USA and Canada AND at a fraction of the cost of CDL protection programs offered by other CDL trial defense trucking lawyers.

Get Confidence, Peace of Mind & NO huge / unexpected fees! 

 As a Truck Driver, you can now save more money with us than what you would normally spend on legal fees all on your own.  With our TVC truckers attorneys at your service, you will never have to worry about hiring the right CDL traffic defense lawyer or having unexpected legal fees catching you by surprise in the middle of a case.


Negotiating Power of Millions of Drivers

The TVC Pro-driver Legal Plan will limit your lawyer fees with our negotiating power of millions of drivers throughout North America.  Now you can have the confidence and peace of mind you need to fight all your CDL traffic tickets in any jurisdiction and exercise your rights to keep points off of your (CDL/MVR) record at a very affordable price.  

The Fastest, Easiest and Most Effective Website for CDL Protection

You have come to the Right place if you are looking to enroll in a Pre-Paid Truckers Legal Service Plan for continuous CDL protection or to just fight a ticket with no commitment or strings attached.  Here you can get all that a smart proactive commercial driver can hope for:

  • Secured sign-up form for TVC Referrals
  • Online Reinstatements for TVC Pro-driver Inc. Legal Services and TVC Truckers Voice in Court Attorneys (for those who had TVC before and want to re-join once again).
  • New online enrollments for those needing to hire the best CDL traffic ticket lawyers to fight pre-existing tickets and/or those wanting the best Commercial Drivers License Legal Protection plan in North America for Truckers who like to take a more proactive approach.  

This is the fastest and easiest Prepaid legal enrollment and sign-up website for TVC Truckers Voice in Court Attorneys and TVC Pro-Driver / CDL Legal Protection Services.  You can choose to keep our CDL Legal services on a month to month basis for maximum savings, or just fight a CDL traffic ticket with a top CDL Traffic Ticket trial defense lawyer with no commitment or strings attached.  It's up to you.  We are here to help you in the way that works for you best.  We have helped millions of drivers across North America, and all of them have fought for their right, with the ease and convenience few truck drivers get. 

It's Never Been Easier to Fight your CDL Traffic Tickets and Win.  It's as easy as 1.2.3.T.V.C.Truckers, Voice, in Court.

Step 1. Truckers - Register at TVC with your Truckers' contact information (It's Free to get more information. Click the Enroll Now Button for more details).  

Step 2. Voice - Select the Ultimate CDL Voice you need for your case.  (You pick the representation you need and make the initial payment arrangement to fight a Covered or Non Covered case).  

Step 3. Court -  After you have completed step 1 and step 2, you will receive a Confimation ID Number.  Once you have received the confirmation ID, we will call you with instructions on how to proceed.  We will need the specific Court and ticket details from you later.   

We don't just Fight Traffic Tickets or Go to Court for you,

We Protect your CDL, your Income and your Livelihood.  

Take control of your Commercial Driver’s License Liabilities and MVR.

The fact is that as a professional truck driver/CDL holder, your chances of losing income & career are higher than ever before.  Considering your CDL Liabilities,MVR (motor vehicle record) and the current commercial traffic laws, like FMCSA 2010, the odds are stacked against you.  It’s not about safety and justice anymore.  It's all about the money now.  

In this situation, we stand between you and your unfavorable odds, protecting your CDL, your income, livelihood, and your career.  With our affordable CDL protection and legal service we make sure you don't run out of money for the best trucking lawyers when you most need it!

We care for your Comfort and Career when no one else does...

The sad news is that nobody cares about your CDL more than you, a professional driver, do.  Everyday that you drive on the road you are an easy target of greed and money.  Truck drivers are easy revenue for the law; and ignorance of new traffic laws and FMCSA 2010 doesn’t make a wrong-doer innocent. 

Dealing with Double Standards

It doesn't matter if you are given a speeding ticket in your personal vehicle, driving a governed truck, or have more than 2 million safety miles under your belt with no tickets or accidents.  Don't let anyone convince you to pay the ticket without defending your rights.  It won’t matter if you are guilty or innocent.  Don't pay the ticket without a TVC legal defense. You are facing double trouble under traffic and federal laws.  The legal system is no longer about safety or justice.  Everyday truckers face double standards.  The current traffic legal system is unfair to the commercial driver.  It's very important that you know your rights and options available to you when you get a CDL traffic ticket or citation.  If you pay the ticket you are accepting the responsibility of not only breaking traffic law but federal law because of your CDL.  We help educate truckers regarding their rights and new laws so they can at least have a fair chance in handling unexpected situations that can damage their careers.  

No Medical Surgery gets done without a Medical Doctor, Why Handle a CDL Traffic Violation without a CDL Truckers Attorney?

Be warned; trying to negotiate and taking care of your traffic violations yourself without a CDL Trial defense lawyer is like trying to operate an appendix medical surgery on yourself without a medical doctor!  No one cares about your CDL driver’s license as much as you do.  You may think you have negotiated the deal of the century with the judge or prosecutor, only to find out months or years later, at your next DOT inspection or CDL traffic citation perhaps when you least expect it, that you have a warrant or a suspended license.  You now have to hire an CDL traffic defense attorney to fix the old ticket which is a lot more expensive and tougher to fix than if you had retained a top CDL Attorney in the first place.  Finding out that courts are not perfect and make mistakes in the worst situations can cost you pretty penny and even ruin your trucking career.     

Powerful & Reliable Protection and Support

The TVC Pro-Driver Legal Plan and TVC Truckers Voice in Court Attorneys not only protect you against tickets and fines, we protect your livelihood.  Additionally, we will offer you several money-saving perks and benefits to help you make up for the monthly cost of Pre-paying the ongoing TVC CDL protection.  In addition to posting bail bonds for tickets and accidents, we also cover you from serious manslaughter and vehicular homicide cases.  So even if you were strict enough to pay yourself and save $50 a month for 30 years, you may be able to save $18,000 on your own.  Unfortunately, that may not be enough money to pay for a $30,000 to $40,000 Serious Violation representation you may need for an accident today or tomorrow.  Even if you are the best of the best CDL prodrivers, what guarantee do you have that you will not get into a serious accident today or tomorrow?  All it takes is two to three seconds for the course of your life to change.  Make sure you have the powerful and reliable TVC CDL protection and Legal support when you go through those couple of seconds in your life.

GIF animations generator gifup.comWe are glad you visited today. The TVC Pro-Driver Legal Plan is the industry leader in proactive CDL Legal Protection.  Our company offers you a proven solution that helps protect you from your CDL liabilities and helps you keep points off of your CDL MVR (Motor Vehicle Record) to avoid bigger problems later.  We'll help protect your CDL and livelihood for a lot less than if you were to retain a top trial defense attorney yourself.   Here you can get unlimited CDL lawyer defenses for much less than what you would pay for one case.  And of course, the peace of mind our TVC legal solutions offers is invaluable.  Get freedom from high legal fees in ANY jurisdiction across USA and Canada and in ANY commercial or personal vehicle you and your spouse drive.  Protect your CDL and Livelihood today and ENROLL NOW!


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